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Here you will find the drip campaign for Giant Profit Ads.

If entering these posts into Team Elite Home Businesses, there are some “macros” that may make it easier for you, and make the data more portable.

One  of the most common macros is ~name~.  If you are using another autoresponder, you will have to change that  and other macros to reflect those used by that system.

There are some posts that are only appropriate to be authored by the administrator.  In those cases, simply add the following below the admin signature line.

Brought to you by your sponsor:


This next one is a little tricky, but has such a great benefit – it invites the reader to join using your affiliate link.  You can find your affiliate link at Giant Profit Ads  at the Nav bar menu item: Tools and Stats.

You will have to edit the landing page in Team Elite Home Businesses, and put your affiliate ID in the REDIRECT TO URL field.  No better way to recruit than when it is fresh on their minds.  Once you have the REDIRECT set to your affiliate ID, the ~aurl~ macro will plug in your affiliate ID automatically.

Not a Member of Giant Profit Ads Yet?
>>>>>> ~aurl~

Here is a list of posts – the number in the title is the day index for entering these posts to your Team Elite Home Businesses autoresponder.


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