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10 ~name~, Opportunity of a LIFETIME?

Hi ~name~,




It means nothing if it is not seized in the LIFETIME of the opportunity.

Today is the day to say “YES” to your future.
It’s the day that you put yourself into the
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Don’t let another day go by…

~name~… Seize the moment. Seize the
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better. Tomorrow is yours, TAKE IT!!!!!

To Helping You Become Your Dream,

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07 ~name~, Let Us Help You

Hi ~name~,
Let’s face it; it’s “The Age of the Entrepreneur”.

Now more than ever before, anyone can build a
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Thousands are doing this RIGHT NOW
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Imagine ~name~…You being able to
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You already know that when you help others
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NWC is all about.

Don’t you think its your time?

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To Helping You Reach Your Dreams,

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06 ~name~, Can You See Yourself…

Hi ~name~,

Can you see yourself being debt-free?

How about becoming wealthy?

When you get started with NWC today,
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Using the EXACT SAME powerful system I’m using.

Imagine leveraging yourself through our powerful
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Joining NWC is a powerful way to get yourself
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knowing you are ahead because you had
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To Your Success,

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05 ~name~… Want to know a SECRET?

Hi ~name~,

The true secret to financial success is having
something that everyone wants! With the worlds
current financial crises, people are looking
for ways generate extra money from home.

We deliver what everyone
wants; Total Time & Financial Freedom.

See yourself FREE ~name~
NWC can be that vehicle. Trust me, if it’s working for
me and thousands around the globe, it WILL work for you.



I’ll see you on the inside ~name~ .

To Freedom,

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04 Why most broke people stay BROKE and the RICH get RICHER!

Hi ~name~,

Want to know why?

Think about the last couple of purchases you made.

Thought of them?


Now, answer this:

How many of them will actually MAKE you money?

If you are like most people reading this email, the
answer is “none”

If I could pinpoint only ONE difference between
people who aren’t making money, and the people
who are, it’s this:

People who aren’t making money SPEND their
money on things that will never make them any
money back (Starbucks, entertainment, shopping,

People who are making money however, spend
their money on things that have an “income potential”.

If you are unfamiliar with the term income potential,
it means, whatever you are spending their money on
has the POTENTIAL to make you MORE money
than you spent.

And, if you aren’t making the type of money you
desire right now, there’s a good chance that it is
because you are spending money on things that
have zero income potential.

That said, let me ask you:

When would be a good time to change how
and where you spend your money?

If you answered right now then you owe it to
yourself to click the following  link and START NOW

The time is RIGHT NOW,


02 Not sure if you made it ~name~ ….

Hi ~name~,

Did you make our “LIVE”
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01 ~name~, Don’t Miss National Wealth Center’s Call!

Hi ~name~,

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00 ~name~, 2016 is YOUR year to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Hi ~name~,


On getting serious about generating some
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