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12 You Think You Are Safe with External Hard drives?


But you back up your data to External Hard Drives, so you are safe, right?


Sorry ~fname~, but they are hardware, and hardware FAILS!

Not IF, but WHEN.

It’s a mechanical device that gets an incredible of use, even when your PC is “asleep”.

My Story About External Hard Drives

I spent a large part of my career with a Fortune 50 company as an IT operations and engineering professional.  I know how to do this.  Even though I’m retired, backup, recovery, and disaster recovery are hardwired into my brain – I lived it every day of my working life in IT.

Every precaution you take is not IN CASE you have a hardware failure, but WHEN and to what extent your data is recoverable.
So, with the over 7 Terabytes of external storage I have on my network, I have lots of disk drives that make up that monster amount of disk space.   On my mission-critical machines, they get a differential backup EVERY DAY to a local drive.  They get a full backup once per week to the cloud.
Even with all these precautions, I still have hardware failures, and despite my efforts to minimize the effects of a hardware failure, I still lost some data when THREE of my Seagate drives “bricked” on my over a period of several months.  The data that I could not recover was inconsequential, but even those who DO THIS FOR A LIVING, unless you have unlimited resources at their disposal, are susceptible to data loss.
Got BackUp is an AFFORDABLE, bullet-proof backup product.  This is a cloud based subscription service that seamlessly protects your data.
As a career IT computer operations professional, a senior network and systems engineer, and a responsible businessman, I fully endorse and recommend GOT BACKUP.
Remember – Your Data is MONEY$$$
Protect Your Data, Protect Your Business.
Protect Your Personal Data, Pictures, Videos, Contacts.
Sign up for one of the Got Backup packages TODAY.
Rich Moyer

11 Simplicity and duplication means your part of 100 million

**URGENT** get in on top! This just launched 🙂
Hi ~fname~,
This was a product well before a business opportunity
and that is why you need to look at this right now!

It just launched and the product is amazing


 During the beta testing of the product it produced a 92% customer satisfaction rate!!

 What is it?

Its simple, its easy, its GotBackup!!

In today’s digital age finally a company has created an
UNLIMITED STORAGE solution for people and companies
to back up EVERYTHING they own to one convenient

>> all your precious memories and pictures
>> all your financial documents
>> all your home videos
>> all your cell phones and mobile devices!!

Again.. this just launched and they are paying an
unheard of 100% residual commissions back to YOU!!

Check out this launch page here and create your FREE
account today!!

Rich Moyer
Ensuring that your data is backed up, secure, and accessible
is fundamental to the integrity of your business.

10 Help!! My hard drive just crashed, I lost my business files!

Did you know that this year alone over 33% of people world wide
will lose some or all of their precious data due to no fault of their

Every single person I know has lost at least:

>> their family photo albums
>> precious financial documents
>> precious memories and videos..

And did you also know (this is staggering)

>> Any company that loses their data for more than 10 days 96%
of them will file for bankruptcy within 6 months!!

Don’t be a victim!!

Try out this amazing and life saving solution today:


You can get started and backup EVERYTHING you own!

All your:

>> Laptops and Personal Computers
>> All your tablets, cell phones and mobile devices
>> All your precious memories!!

But hurry… their opening day special is providing truly
UNLIMITED SPACE and storage..

Try it for $1 FREE (limited time only).  These offer will not be around long!!
Rich Moyer

09 Got a Brand New Laptop for Christmas?

Don’t delay – START NOW!
With today’s monster hard drives and oodles of memory (more than a bunch) you are going to try to fill all that space with EVERYTHING:

  • Pictures
  • Downloads
  • Business and Personal documents
  • YouTube videos

That new tablet or smartphone will soon have its arteries clogged with MORE  pictures, selfies, and videos.

Your LIFE will be on these devices.

  • Contacts
  • Phone books
  • Critical emails
  • Cat pictures (OK, just had to take a jab)

What would happen if you LOST all or even part of this? (hint: stay away from rooftops
and narrow ledges)


  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Set N Forget
But, I can tell you that GotBackup Saved MY BUSINESS (true story)!
I recovered 100% of my data.

I hope that NOBODY has to go through that anguish, but with GotBackup, I have peace
of mind.   It CAN be recovered!

Click for a FREE Trial (limited time only)
Rich Moyer

08 Backing Up is the First Step. Now Protect It and You.

OK.  Let’s just get into it.
  • Identity Theft
  • Data Backup
  • Reseller Opportunity

Identity Theft

First, Identity Theft is running wild.   If you think you are immune, think again.   A new case is reported every 21 seconds in the US, and only 16%-64% of cases are actually reported (depending on type of fraud).

Who to trust?
  • Big Dog being investigated by FTC (you’ve heard their ads) 
  • Safe ID Trust makes it easy.
So, now we have solved the first problem, but realize that Safe ID Trust or any ID Theft resolution vendor cannot restore your electronic files, pictures, videos, or business records if they are damaged or missing!

Data Backup for All Your Devices – GotBackup
  • Hear my story GotBackup Saved My Business (true story).
  • My hard drive on my primary business machine – hardware failure.  Even had to buy new copy of Windows.
  • Don’t count on USB drives – I had 3 brick on me last year – OVER 6 TB of Data Lost if I did not have GotBackup.
  • Unlimited, Secure Cloud Storage.  For all your devices. 
Reseller Opportunity – GotBackup

  • Start your business today for $0 as a reseller of GotBackup.  Get one month for free.  
  • Use what you sell.  SIGN UP TODAY.
  • 92% Retention Rate after 1 year (Industry standard is generally less than 10%).
  • Low cost of entry.   In profit with 3 sales,
  • Everybody NEEDS THIS.  Network Marketers, surfers, social media users, soccer moms, business people (What part of EVERYBODY didn’t you understand?)
  • Hardware Fails.  Not IF but WHEN!
  • Don’t SELL, but TELL.  Yes you can share MY TRUE STORY! (I know a guy…)
Reseller Opportunity – Safe ID Trust
  • Identity theft is the SCARIEST THING YOU COULD EVER Experience IN YOUR LIFE.
  • You absolutely NEED this.  
  • Use what you sell.  So, are you signed up yet?  How about NOW?  Or NOW?…
  • Everybody ELSE NEEDS this.
  • It’s too late if you have already been compromised.
  • Check out the comp plan
  • Founders positions still available
  • BTW, THIS has also happened 3 times to me – stolen checks, hacked ecommerce sites and blogs, my wife’s medical records!
Bottom Line

We’re not talking about another product that interests only other internet marketers.   EVERYBODY NEEDS BOTH THESE PRODUCTS!
See the details

Rich Moyer

06 NEW and EXCITING “Instant Reseller” Program!

Hi ~fname~,
I just got the inside scoop on something NEW and very exciting for the Internet marketing world.

Get paid 100% commissions!


GotBackup is a new Marketing Tools Buster, where everything that you need to explode your business, will be found all under  one amazing account saving you truck loads of money.

Can you imagine one simple login for everything!

Such as YOUR:

– complete autoresponder system (the money is in your list)

– lead capture pages
– online promotional materals: banners, buttons, login ad graphics, ad copy
– offline marketing materials: templates for business cards, brochures, banners, presentation slide deck
– complete webinar promotional recordings
– suggested advertising resources
– weekly training with Phenominal trainers (and CEO Joel Therien himself)

And so much more, for a crazy low monthly fee!

GotBackup has launched, and many are getting onboard now, positioning themselves, since timing is everything when it comes to huge financial gain and opportunity.

– Collect 100% in residual commissions.
– Collect 50% of your total referrals, sales.

Real products, real services, that are backed by a 12 year old company!

GotBackup will protect your data, and will explode your bank account with the huge profits that you can generate from this NEW robust system.

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–Rich Moyer



05 Do You Know, Like, and Trust YOUR Project Leadership?

Know, Like, and Trust…
If you have never heard of Pure Leverage, here’s the scoop.

First, let me introduce myself.  My name is Rich Moyer.  I am
a USER of GVO, GotBackup, and Pure Leverage, in addition to being a reseller.
One other thing you should know:
I will “give up the sale” if it is not in the best interest of my customer.
I also USE WHAT I SELL, and sometimes, sell what I use.
I have been with GVO for hosting, and their Host Then Profits
program since pre-launch, and likewise with Pure Leverage.
I use the autoresponder and the suite of business tools in
Pure Leverage every single day.
GVO was my first real autoresponder and I have many
campaigns active besides Pure Leverage.  For example, I use the
GVO/Pure Leverage autoresponder for my most popular
newsletter, the Home Business Tips Newsletter that draws
2-5 new subscribers every day.
Besides the done-for-you lead capture, and the autoresponder,
the Conference Room webinar tool boasts all the features
and functionality of huge and expensive commercial
webinar tools like GoToMeeting and Webex.  This is included
for no additional charge in the monthly Pure Leverage subscription fee.
If you choose to be a reseller of Pure Leverage, the Leadership
starting with Joel Therien, who is the President and CEO,
and the rest of his management team, the trainers, and
technical support folks are ALL there for you from the moment you sign up.
As a reseller, you have an incredible set of marketing tools, done-for-you lead capture and autoresponder campaigns, traffic co-ops, and so much more.  Nowhere else do you get as much value for the
cost, and get 100% commissions.
There are weekly training sessions that have more than just a cameo  appearance by the leadership,.  Many times Joel will conduct the
training HIMSELF.
There is a professionalism at GVO/Pure Leverage that you don’t find
with many other programs, in not only training webinars, but every
medium and in every opportunity they use to get in front of the
membership.  They do NOT come off as “Marketers”, but as people you GET TO KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST, that are truly interested in YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.  They are not just hawking a product, but are there to SUPPORT YOU with the highest quality products that are INTEGRATED, and PROVEN in the marketplace, with the best training, and exceptional support.
The integration of social  media, and how they embrace Facebook
marketing shows their ability to adapt to the changes in the
THIS is why you should be considering GVO, GotBackup, and Pure Leverage.
I’m letting my “techie side” leak out here: as someone who spent a
career in systems engineering and IT operations for 24x7x365 high
availability, mission critical systems with a Fortune 50 company,
believe me when  I tell you that GVO, GotBackup,  and Pure Leverage have the  BEST help desk and technical support folks that I have encountered on the internet.
Check it out NOW!
Rich Moyer


04 Approved to Start a GotBackup Reseller Business for Free


You have been approved!

Hey ~fname~,

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