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Lead Capture Page TEHB Giant Profit Ads

Attached is the HTML code needed for creation of the Lead Capture Page for Giant Profit Ads.  Click the link below to open the text file.



This video shows how to create the group, and create the lead capture page from the HTML file attached.

Summary of the Steps

Create the lead capture page from the blank template

  1. Login to TEHB
  2. Click Capture Pages on the left side menu
  3. Open the tab for Blank Lead Capture Page
  4. Click Edit Page
  5. Click Settings
  6. Click Duplicate This Page

Customize The Blank Lead Capture Page

  1. Go back to Home
  2. Click on Capture Pages
  3. Open the tab for My Capture Pages
  4. Find the newest page at the bottom of the page and click Edit Page
  5. Click Settings
  6. If GiantProfitAds does not appear in the Contact Group pull-down, then click on Manage Lead Groups and fill in Group Title with GiantProfitAds then click Add Contact Group.  You will be returned to the blank page.
  7. Click Settings
  8. Fill in the Title with Giant Profit Ads 
  9. Verify that GiantProfitAds is selected in the Contact Group pull-down
  10. Ensure that the pull-down shows Append
  11. In Redirect URL, type the full URL of your referral ID at Giant Profit Ads  (

Copy/Paste the HTML Code into the Page

  1. Detach and Open the text file above.
  2. Select All (ctrl a)
  3. Copy to the clipboard (ctrl c)
  4. Click the Source Code button (<>)
  5. Click into the Source Code window and paste (ctrl v)
  6. Click OK and close the source code window
  7. Click the Full Screen button
  8. Select the Giant Profit Ads 468×60 banner (at the bottom of the page)
  9. Click the Insert/Edit Link icon and paste in your Giant Profit Ads referral ID (  Set the Target to be New Window
  10. Either customize with your name and photo, or delete them.
  11. Close the FullScreen window
  12. Click Save

Retrieve the page URL

  1. Click the page view (not Edit Page), which will open in a new tab
  2. Capture the URL in the address bar in your browser and save it – THIS will be the TARGET URL (or a cloaked version of it) that  you promote.

Optional – Save a Screen Image

  1. While the page is being displayed in the previous step, use the Windows Snipping Tool (or other screen shot utility) to capture and save the image to a JPG file.
  2. From My Capture Pages, click Edit Page
  3. Click Settings
  4. Click Upload Thumbnail then select the file you just saved.
  5. It will automatically save and close that window


28 So, I was Asked, “Where Do You Advertise?”

I cover a broad spectrum.

Paid SOLO and Other Ads

Ad Co-Ops

My Safelists

Safelists and Traffic Exchanges

  • Literally hundreds of them.  The list is so extensive.  For a partial, and dated list, see
  • I am always picking up “bargains” but I subscribe to sites based on demographics, reach, ad effectiveness
  • I upgrade at about 40-50 percent of the sites I join.
  • I look for “Founders” promos that give tons of ads or credits, special privileges.
  • SuperNetwork connections to other networks, extending my ad reach
  • Promo Codes – tons of free ads, points, or upgrades.  Get a new promo code every day at

My “Lists”

Broadcast several times per week to my autoresponder subscribers

Purchased Leads (approx 130,000)

27 I’m Blasting my ads to 56 Sites with 40,489 members!

It’s HERE! I can now say…

“Today I’m Blasting my ads to 71 Sites with 45,000 members!!

AND, I’m not a member at most of the sites I submit to!
Which means less time for me working and more time Earning
which is a must for any Internet Marketer. “


GiantProfitAds Just Joined as a Partner in AFF SuperNetworks.

You can purchase AFF SuperSolo Ads right from the ADVERTISE HERE link in the GiantProfitAds member area.

If you have ever purchased “super networks” SOLO ads, you know it can be expensive: I had paid over $30 for ONE SOLO AD in the past. Just last week I paid $36 for 100 clicks.

Now, since GiantProfitAds has become a partner in AFF Super Networks, you get the price advantage of a partner simply by being a member of GiantProfitAds.

So, let’s put this into perspective: I had paid $30 for a SOLO ad that was sent to a comparable number of members. At GiantProfitAds, AFF Super SOLO Ads are only a fraction of that cost.

Dollars and Sense.

AFF SuperNetworks is only ONE network ad distributor with whom I have a PAID Partnership.

Here is the latest rundown of Network Partnerships:
Giant Profit Ads
* Promotion Magnet – All Ad Types to 78 Partner Sites With 36,454 Total Members!
* Realtime Ad Network – All Ad Types to 72 Partner Sites – With 36,344 Total Members
* California Surfer Solos – Solo Ads to 16 Sites 33,202 Members
* Pinnacle Ad Network – Solo Ads to 24 Sites 20,545 Members
* AFF Super Networks – All Ad types to 68 Sites 46,664 Members
* Total Network Ad Reach 173,209 Members
* TAE Members 253

* AFF Solo I – Solo Ads to 60 Sites 56,107 Members

* Promotion Magnet – All Ad Types to 78 Partner Sites With 36,454 Total Members!
* Realtime Ad Network – All Ad Types to 72 Partner Sites – With 36,344 Total Members
* TAE Members 131
* Total in-site members 32
* Total WorldProfit Network connected members 17,999
* Send every 3 days to 500, 2500, or 5000 members
* Solo Ads to over 7800 members Contact Email ID
* Total Network Ad Reach 25,799

Sign up for at these safelists for free, then upgrade to JV or Pro/Lifeime. If you were smart, you would take advantage of the One Time Offers, or incentive upgrades offered in the Members area. A SuperJV Annual membership is great bargain at $20. This is an ANNUAL FEE subscription.

Hurry though. As our membership grows, so will the price.

BTW, our sister site, Mad-Cow-Ads is now a partner in ANOTHER one of the AFF Super Solo Networks.  I’m offering the same ANNUAL SJV deal but time is running out.

Annual SuperJV Buy One Get One

Yours in Success,

Rich Moyer


Special Bonus Offer (Limited to 5 People)

1. Purchase ANNUAL SUPERJV Membership
(Paypal only) at the above link and we’ll include:

=> Email Writing Secrets (Value: $17)

“I’m About To Finally Pull Back The Curtains On How YOU
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Promo Emails That Moves Your Readers To Buy At Will!”

=> Web 2 Graphics Pack (Value: $27)

Looking for an easy way to spice up your site?
Don’t want to spend too much time messing around
with graphics software? Then this “Web 2.0 Graphics Pack”
is for you…

=> 597 Letters (Value: $4.95)

597 Ready To Use Sales Letters and Business Forms

Check out the complete details of this offer:


3. Send a copy of your receipt to:
and I’ll send you the bonus package within 24 hours.

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26 Daily Bonus rewards, SuperJV upgrade, Good Citizen of our Advertising Community

How do you score a gaggle of points at Giant Profit Ads? In less than a minute?

Simple Today’s Daily Login Bonus is worth ads or points:

The Daily Super Bonus is between 2000 and 5000 (a random value selected by the system).

That means that you can earn as much as 5500 points, or maybe some banners or other ads, just for logging in!

SuperJV Annual Buy One Get One

Still available

The Price IS going up as our membership count increases. That means:

1. Do YOUR JV and SuperJV upgrade NOW before the price goes up

2. Recruit as many referrals as you can – the rewards are INCREDIBLE for a SuperJV

You can get an UNBELIEVABLE Ad Package when you upgrade to SuperJV. Most people just click through the OTO and Login Offers. Take a few minutes to actually review and consider the impact of these offers.

For one thing, everybody is so wary of the “value” statements in these ads. My ads do NOT use inflated values to impress you. I use the actual value of each element in that offer that you find in Advertise Here.

Consider the internal ads: banners, buttons, hot links, traffic links, solo ads, login ads, and others. All revenue from these ads goes right back into the business: hosting, domain name, in some cases rent, advertising co-ops, promotional ads.

Network Ads are a little different. I pay an actual out-of-pocket cost monthly for PARTNERSHIPS in these networks whether I get any revenue from them or not.

Also realize that the most effective advertising is with PAID SOLO ADS which I use to promote these safelists, mainly to recruit new ACTIVE members so you get more eyes on your ads. The more eyes, the greater the possibility of getting conversions to your offers.

Be a Good Citizen of our advertising community.

Things You Should Do Every Day

1. Login to get Daily Login Bonus and Super Daily Bonus

2. Surf at least 10 Solo ads, 10 banners, 10 Hot Links, 10 Traffic Links, 1 Admin message PER DAY

3. Post at least 1 Solo Ad

4. Make 1 referral per week

5. Join Facebook Groups with Home Business and Entrepreneur keywords. Post ads for our Advertising Community in those Facebook Groups and interact with the members by LIKE-ing their posts, and send relevant comments. It’s about RELATIONSHIPS, not a body count of LIKES and FOLLOWERS.

By “being a good citizen”, you are helping yourself, and also helping your fellow members.

How do we make this a SUPER Safelist?

Grow our membership,

Patronize the promotions of your fellow advertisers,

Patronize THESE safelists by purchasing your ads HERE. That is why I pay to keep improving the infrastructure, and becoming PARTNER with Ad Networks: to make YOUR advertising experience better and give your ads the the most effective exposure and the widest reach to diversified groups and regions.

Utilize EVERY FEATURE you have been granted at Giant-Profit-Ads,, and Mad-Cow-Ads to the fullest

Rich Moyer

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25 Our Advertising Community

I feel so used. User stats for today so far – Mid morning Eastern Time. They are rolling in the crash cart. The code was called. The graph is flatlined. I’m bummed.

I can witness that our members are using up all the free ads and points, but you are not supporting YOUR COMMUNITY: the reason you sign up is not only to SEND ads, but also to READ ads. Just like you, others want THEIR ads to be read, and because this is a business, hopefully, some interest is peaked and sales result from their efforts.

How do you support your community? Easy. Rather than using some credit harvester (which, by the way, does not work on safelists like ours with the anti-cheat mechanisms), login, get your Super Daily Bonus and Login Bonus, then SURF the ads on our OWN safelist!

I can tell you with strong confidence, that you will find some very INTERESTING proposals, some PROMISING STARTUP VENTURES, some bargains, and some SERIOUS LIST BUILDING tools out there FROM OUR OWN MEMBERS! Don’t forget about those hidden gems: PROMO CODES.

He that gives, gets. Patronize your fellow safelist members RIGHT HERE. The way this is SUPPOSED to work is that you should be able to get quality advertising without having to pay for expensive traffic packages and SOLO ads. You don’t have to do SafeSwaps to get your ads to great prospects. The people reading THOSE ads are, by the way, the same people who patronize our SAFELIST COMMUNITY.

Let’s Keep It Alive at GiantProfitads and Mad-Cow-Ads and our newest addition
(By the way, I look pretty ugly in a cheerleader’s uniform – a little help here!)


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24 Incentives

Have you ever thought to offer incentives to get your prospects to sign up as a referral in your downline? I do this all the time, and it is effective.

Try to give your prospects something that has VALUE to them, that doesn’t cost you too much (or even for free like PLR eBooks, etc.). Or, bundle one offer with another. The goal is to BUILD YOUR LIST.

Gift Memberships

For instance, if you are trying to build your TEAM on an MLM like 5 Minute Mogul, where the true value of a downline member could be upwards of $25 per month, then giving them a “gift” of a one-time cost for a 1 year SuperJV at GiantProfitAds or Mad-Cow-Ads for $20.00 USD, or 3 Month Pro membership at (3 months at $9.95 = $29.85 USD). It is absolutely worth it!

Other incentives that work for me:
* Free eBooks
* Free Articles
* Offer free e-Courses
* Offer free marketing tips
* Have them fill out a survey
* Have them sign up for a free Netspend card that rewards them $20
* Free consulting (if you have the skills)
* Free webinars (search the web to find these)
* Free points (submit a support ticket for the transfer)
* Free websites, ads, or URL rotators

A Small Cost for a MOUNTAIN of PLR

I found this $4.99 member to member cash system called   Nice little income producer at a pricepoint that most can afford.   The hidden secret is that there is over 1GB of PLR/MRR downloads.   All topics (heavy on Internet Marketing).  Be sure to read the licensing documents to be sure you can give away a product, or if you must comply with Minimum Allowable Price schedules.

Fresh Places to Advertise

Anyone involved with an MLM needs fresh places to advertise, and the partnership between GiantProfitAds, Mad-Cow-Ads and several the AFF Super Networks, and now Pinnacle Networks and CA Surfer SOLOS gives your new signups a tremendous reach for their ads (for whatever they are promoting). For instance Aff SuperNetwork has 71 sites, 45,000+ members, and you get this exposure for a single ad. And they get a very generous ad package at signup and monthly, both with GiantProfitAds SuperJV, Mad-Cow-Ads SuperJV and AFF SuperNetworks.

See the Login offers and Second Chance OTO. These are good for for a short time ONLY.


Give it some thought…

Rich Moyer

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23 Home Based Business Topics

Free to members:

An ebook of articles on blogging, video blogging, and video marketing I compiled from the collections of WorldProfit co-founders Dr. Jeffrey Lant, Sandi Hunter, and George Kosch.

You can also find this eBook published on Scribd at


Rich Moyer

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22 Getting Referrals

Just a short message about getting referrals at GiantProfitAds and Mad-Cow-Ads.

If you are a JV or Super JV member you will earn a commission for every paid referral you bring in. You will earn points for every referral. You also earn credits every time your active referrals log in to their account.

Referring others is easy to do with the marketing material we provide for you. You can get all your promotional items by clicking on the Tools and Stats button in your members area. These materials include banners (468×60), buttons (125×125), login ad banners (600×300), email swipes, and more. Also, get ideas from the admin emails (like this).

Scroll to the bottom of the Tools and Stats page to find your new referrals.

Check out the video tutorials at Highly recommended.

Be sure to send new members of your team a welcome message and offer to help them to use the system. The better they understand how it all works, the better they will be prepared to generate more referrals. After all, build their team is building yours.

If you have not yet upgraded to a Super JV member, you are really missing out on fast and prompt commission payments for each paid member on your team.

Remember to edit your profile so I know where to send your commissions. Payza/AlertPay are no longer valid in the US (which is where I am from, so I cannot pay you through Payza).

Well, that’s it for now, thank you for joining and welcome aboard!

If you need answers send me a support ticket and I will be happy to assist you.

To your success.

Rich Moyer

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21 More Ways to Earn Points

While surfing, did you know that you can earn credits by clicking the banner ads and text links while waiting for the timer to run down?

Each will open in another tab, and you may have an opportunity to click on even more banners and text links from those newly launched tabs.

This is an easy, and fun way to quickly accumulate a GAGGLE OF CREDITS. It breaks the monotony, and I even get caught up in my own little mind games to see if I can beat the change of banner ad before the timer
runs down.

To Your Success,

Rich Moyer

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20 Who Else Wants To Learn How To Make Huge Profits From Pinterest?

In This Report, You Will Discover:

– What is Pinterest?
– How to get started with Pinterest?
– How to promote your business with Pinterest?
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and more

Completely F R E E to first 10 lucky people!


Yours In Success,

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