eam Maximizer Site Features: Banners

Banners come in several sizes, and they still remain one of the most common, but not necessarily the most effectively used advertising media.

I advise running some tests on any site you join to get a feel for how the membership READS your banner ads.

On sites that primarily deal in email marketing, banners are getting exposures when people open the email and click the credit link. When the ad is displayed, there is usually a banner displayed in the header. This is the most ignored opportunity to earn credits.

On sites that find members logging in and viewing ads on the site, banners have a better probability of being seen, and getting clicks.

On a new site like Cash Stream Maximizer, new members, especially PAID membes, receive huge allocations of credits, and those credits cannot be used to trade for Solo ads or SuperNetwork ads, so there is a higher probability of seeing a strong showing for many different ad types.


I personally like banners (468×60), buttons (125×125), and Login Ads (600×300). Surprisingly, button ads tend to do better than banner ads.

Spread the word: banners can be an extremely powerful ad medium. And, they can sit there for months with no traffic, then all of a sudden, they take off.


How to Set Up Banners

All banners are purchased or traded for credits, and defined in Advertising button on the NAV Menu. You must have credits to trade, or purchase banners. Once the transaction goes through, you will be taken to the Banner Setup screen.

This is important. Use only the prescribed banner sizes specified. Do not use oversized or undersized graphics.

Banners are 468×60.

Buttons are 125×125.

Login ads are 600×300.



Let s look at the basics

Banner Name: – this is for your benefit only – the other members do not see this name.

Banner URL: this is the URL of the 468 60 banner

Target URL: this is the webpage the viewer sees when they click this banner.

Preview Banner button – THIS IS THE MOST USEFUL and LEAST USED FUNCTION in the system. I advise checking your banner with Preview EVERY TIME.

Save be sure you click SAVE after entering either of the above URL s


Name: Your name as you defined it

Total Displays: This is the number of VIEWS you have remaining

Displayed: this is the number of times your banner has been SHOWN.

Clicks: this is the number of times the viewer CLICKED on your banner

Edit button – this allows you to edit the information about your banner and resubmit. Any changes must be approved by the admin,

Login Ads will be discussed as a separate topic.