Daily Login Promo Code

You can receive a new ad type or points every day of the week simply by logging in and retrieving the Daily Login Promo Code and redeeming it on the Advertising page.

Login to CashStreamMaximizer

Click on Advertising. Scroll down until you see this:

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* indicates that you can now purchase using the
Blue Credit/Debit Payment Buttons
without Paypal or Payza

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That will take you here


Login Rewards Promo Code

Click the button to display today’s login rewards promo code.

Get The Promo Code

Copy Promo Code to Clipboard (Ctrl c) Then Redeem Above (click Top)
New Login Bonus Rewards!


Each day will be a different reward:

Sunday – 1 Button ad w 500 views
Monday – 1 Traffic Link w 500 views
Tuesday – 1 Hot Link w 500 views
Wednesday – 1 Traffic Link w 500 views
Thursday – 1 Button ad w 500 views
Friday – 1 Banner ad w 500 views
Saturday – 1000 Points

Click the button to generate today’s code.

Double Click and right-click Copy (or Ctrl C)

Paste the code into the box and click the button Redeem Promo Code