Cash Stream Maximizer Site Features: Text Ads

Like banners, text ads are also not well understood, but they remain a powerful and inexpensive advertising medium. There are some limitations, primarily the limited space for your text.

Like banners, when the credit link in an email message is clicked, frequently, along with a banner in the header, there may be one or more text messages.

Like banners, text messages are procured through the Advertising button. They can be purchased there, or trade credits. Once procured, a message will be shown in Advertising telling you how many text ads you have available.

Let s look at the basics:

Subject Line: the text that will display

URL: this is the webpage the viewer sees when they click this text ad.

Save button be sure you click SAVE after entering either the text or the above URL

For ads already submitted, a pulldown box shows the subject line, and by selecting an ad, you can apply the text ad credits to that ad.,


Subject: the text the member will see

Max Displays: the number of views purchased

Displays: this is the number of times your text ad has been SHOWN.

Clicks: this is the number of times the viewer CLICKED on your text ad

Approved: “Not Yet” or “Yes”

Edit button – allows you to make changes to the ad. Any changes must be approved by the Admin.