Cash Stream Maximizer Site Features: eMail Ads

There are so many ways to earn credits or points at Cash Stream Maximizer. This topic has so much material, it will be broken into several segments. First, let’s talk about eMail ads.

Unless you have a fairly godmother that drops a plethora of gold coins at your feet, you are going to need to EARN credits. Of course, there is always Email sent to your CONTACT email ID. Some safelists and traffic exchanges require TWO email IDs:

A CONTACT ID where your administrative email are received, and possibly Solo ads and Network Solo Ads. After all, SOLO ads are so expensive because they ARE sent to your CONTACT ID where they are more likely to be opened, read, and links clicked.

A LIST ID where the non-premium traffic is sent.
When you open an email with either your CONTACT ID or LIST ID, you should NOT click just any link in the body of the message (if it was not caught by the ad checker software). You will not get credit for it unless you click the CREDIT LINK. Also, be sure you are not clicking the UNSUBSCRIBE link (required by CANN/SPAM regulations)

You will notice that while the main body of the message contains the message it’s sponsor intended, there may be other opportunities to earn credits in the HEADER or FOOTER of the email message. On Solo ads, these are premium ads called Solo Header Ads or Solo Footer Ads that are sent out with every message, and they may contain live links that can earn credits. These ads are generally clearly delimited from the main message body by horizontal lines or dashes/equal signs.

Once you click the CREDIT LINK, if you click banners, hot links, or traffic links in that header while waiting for the timer to expire, typically a new tab or window will open and you will receive credits. Be aware you should open each tab and check to see if there is any verification or captcha there to finalize the award of credits.

Organization of Your Emails

First and foremost you should NOT be using AOL, Hotmail, or Yahoo  THESE ARE THE WORST! They bounce messages like crazy, which could get your Cash Stream Maximizer account canceled!

GMAIL ONLY, and with the recent GMAIL bounce issues, ViralInbox is now being recommended.

Using GMAIL, learn to organize the emails you receive by using LABELS (think of them as FOLDERS). When combined with FILTERS, you can keep your inbox clean and clear of Safelist and Traffic Exchange mailings, and only pay attention to important messages.

See the video tutorial: Tutorial: Create a Filter With Gmail

That pretty much covers earning credits through OFFLINE methods. Stay tuned, there is SO MUCH MORE and some surprises: opportunities you did not realize were in fact other ways to earn LOTS of credits!