Cash Stream Maximizer Site Feature: Onsite Ads

Onsite ads are EVERYWHERE but you many take it for granted there are clickable ads that can earn credits for you.

Top of the Page – Start Here (Members Area)

At the top of the page, under the Site Logo are Header Adz (the small text ad on the top). Right under the Header Adz are AdsPlus Ads that consist of a 468×60 banner AND a text ad There may be another 468×60 banner and some Text Links, both credit ads for which you earn credits

Under the NAV Menu

In the member area (Start Here), all the 125×125 ads BELOW the NAV menu called Recommended Systems are a great source of credits, and they DO rotate (if there are sufficient ADMIN-posted button ads). Below the Recommended Systems ads (generally 4-6 positions) are Member BUTTON BANNERS