Cash Stream Maximizer Site Feature: Daily Bonus


There is a button immediately above the NAV menu called the Daily Bonus Ad. As with most sites, you will get a generous reward of advertising points for clicking on the bonus button (between 2000-5000 points). These are FREE credits for simply logging in and viewing one ad. Do this every day for a year, and imagine the points you can amass.

Encourage your REFERRALS to login every day and click the Daily Bonus to view that one ad. Why? Upgraded members get points when their referrals log in, and they get a percentage of the points your referrals earn!

Daily Bonus Ad as a Great Advertising Opportunity!

The Daily Bonus also provides an awesome opportunity for advertising. When you purchase a daily bonus button, your site will be displayed for that entire day and everyone who clicks the link will see your site.

If everyone was encouraging A BEHAVIOR in their referrals, daily login and Daily Bonus – this would be an incredible CONSISTENT RESIDUAL in POINTS that is being credited.

The Daily Bonus is a GREAT advertising value – we BRIBE your referrals to view your ad!