Build YOUR List

ClassyAdsProfits has an amazing feature that allows you to capture your REFERRAL’s information in YOUR OWN AUTORESPONDER!

The most important thing you can do in Network Marketing is to BUILD YOUR LIST. Don’t let YOUR referrals end up on SOMEONE ELSE’S LIST!

THIS is why you ALWAYS promote to a LEAD CAPTURE PAGE!

ClassyAdsProfits has a BUILT-IN lead capture system!

By using the HTML FORM CODE for your autoresponder campaign, your REFERRAL’S name and email are put into YOUR autoresponder.

It takes between 7-11 exposures to move an interested part from

An autoresponder is a way to send automated FOLLOWUP MESSAGES to your prospects that INFORM, EDUCATE, and build trust in your product or service, your BRAND, and YOU.

It is best to TELL – DON’T SELL!

Send them:
* INFORMATION about your product or service
* Explain features and benefits
* compare and contrast to other similar products or services
* Reviews about your product or service.
* Articles
* Usage tips
* Ways to save

It is best to Inform/Sell at a ratio of 4-5 to 1:
4-5 articles to one promotion.

Of course, you COULD do something subtle like putting an affiliate link, re-branded eBook, or other link BELOW your signature line in the follow-up messages.

Don’t have an autoresponder? No problem. Keep in mind that this is probably the MOST IMPORTANT MARKETING TOOL you can invest in.

My favorite autoresponder is TeamEliteHomeBusinesses.

Rather than paying monthly fees, you can get a full-featured autoresponder + all kinds or extras for a low one-time price of $47 (a little more than 2 months of Aweber or 3 months of GetResponse. (A low monthly option is also available)

Can’t afford $47 or just getting started? No problem. Start out with a free SuperNet Hub then upgrade when you can.

It is important login and be sure to get the Html Form Code added asap. I am advertising only the generic link and you need to get that code in there. Login and Click on Edit My Details Tab.

Watch the Video at the Html Form Code Tab

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