Why go through all this formal planning?

Why go through all this formal planning?

“You’re taking valuable time away from me that I could get to work!”

This seems like so much unnecessary work. After all, it is YOUR business, and you know what you want to do… right this minute. What about tomorrow when you are up to your butt in alligators, will you recall at that moment that your original intention was to drain the swamp?

It is too easy to get distracted and off course. Things change, and that is OK, but if you have a baseline that captures the ideas and goals for your business at a particular point in time, you can refer to that point to keep yourself on track, or make a CONSCIOUS decision to make a change in direction.

A key ingredient they miss in the planning process is VALIDATION.

Once you do your plan, you want to jump right in and immerse yourself in GETTING IT DONE, but you forget that there were unknowns in your plan.

Did you actually do a test run, validate your assumptions, and tweak the plan before you jumped head-on?

Try it first with a SMALL SAMPLE with the knowledge that you may find deviations in your assumptions. People rarely get the opportunities for “DO OVERS”. If you can detect some of these things with a smaller sample, you might avoid a colossal OOPS that could damage your reputation or budget.

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