Visioning, Planning, Project Management blah blah blah

Visioning, Planning, Project Management and other Non Sequiturs

For every dream, the big picture, can and should be broken down into smaller, manageable chunks, and each chunk can be assigned GOALS, Tasks, and Milestones (OK, you just had a mini-course is VISIONING).

Once you define all of those chunks, set prioritize them, understand what resources are needed, you have a PLAN. (This is called Tactical Planning)

Update the PLAN to reflect any changes, better information, resource availability, and finite timelines (this is called Project Management).

Planning is not a one-time event. It is an ongoing process.

You cannot possibly know everything you need to know, nor anticipate everything you might encounter.

You start with WHAT YOU KNOW, and as you figure out WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW, you UPDATE THE PLAN.

As both a strategic and tactical planner, a teacher, consultant, and project manager, I taught, and LIVED this every day for many years.

As a manager of a team of project managers, my job (probably like your BOSS), was to ask the hard questions, give direction, and maintain focus of my team to accomplish the goals we mutually agreed to. Sometimes I actually had the privilege of participating in the goal setting, prioritization, and scheduling, but many times those priorities were handed down TO ME.

So, as a project manager, it is not IF our tasks, priorities, and schedule were going to change, it was WHEN, and how good we were able to ANTICIPATE those changes.

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