Tools Needed to Create Your Business Plan

A computer or laptop is ideal.

Because you will be doing a large amount of text entry and editing, it may be difficult (although not impossible) with a Tablet or Smartphone.

I will admit that technology has come a long way, I am also guilty of getting extremely flustered by it which is unusual coming from someone who built a career as a techie (among other things). I am almost embarrassed to say that I spent many years building datacenters, systems, and networks but my son had to teach me how to use a smartphone. I guess it is hard because it is how PEOPLE choose to interact with devices, not a logical, methodical, orderly way that an engineer or programmer would approach it.

My son will say “OK Google” and whisper some gentle suggestions about creating appointments, or getting driving directions, or finding a nearby restaurant. I am in AWE of the capabilities until I try the EXACT SAME THING on my own phone with laughable results. I generally have to resist tossing out the window, realizing that I would have to buy another one just to drop back to my old way of doing things.

But, technology can do some really cool things:

  • Dictation into a text file, no matter where you are. Although, my phone likes to make things up, insert whole paragraphs I never even thought about saying let alone writing. It changes words, interprets silence as an opportunity to make road noise into the next revelation.
  • Create Selfies and spontaneous videos to promote your products or services. I get so tired of seeing selfies of EVERYTHING. I get it, you were in Yosemite National Park but I want a COUPLE photos without somebody’s face obscuring the beautiful scenery. 
  • Share and transfer data to and from everyone. No, I said the photo of that moose we saw, not ANOTHER CAT VIDEO. 
  • Social Media is the fast track to notify everyone quickly. I don’t care what corner you are standing on, whether it is so hot your makeup is running, nor if you have a pimple today.

Where to Put Stuff and Share Stuff

  • Storage for your documents.
    • Google Drive is free, and shareable
    • Dropbox – more free storage that can be mapped like a virtual drive to your computer

Document Creation Tools

  • Word Processor, Text Editor
    • You need some way to create editable documents that can be saved and modified or updated later.
    • Windows has a folder of free Windows Accessories that includes Notepad (for unformatted text) or WordPad which is a mini-Word.
    • Google Drive has a built-in, free, full featured word processing program called DOCS that is compatible with, and can import and export to Microsoft Word and other RTF-format files. If you will be doing any editing across platforms, I recommend Google DOCS. There are apps for every platform, you can make local copies, and your documents will synch when you reconnect
    • Evernote is also cross-platform, and can export to standard word processing formats

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