Richard, just a quick friendly reminder…

Hi Richard,

I just wanted to send you a quick update. The last few
days have been so exciting. I have told you about
Colin Klinkert & Frank Bauer’s ‘ViralURL System’.

Check it out here:


I can start seeing good results from cloaking my links
and can see now how I will easily double my affiliate
sales in the next months using this system.

Believe me, you will be thanking me for showing it to
you. I know you are busy, and I also have to get back
to my normal marketing, but I just had to make sure you
had a chance to review this.


If not, do so now. As I said, I need to get back to
other things, it would just be a shame if you missed
out on this while so many others have taken advantage
of this great system.

Talk to you soon,

Richard Moyer

PS: Make sure you look at the video and testimonials
on the page. Let’s see whose name will be there
next… yours or mine. 🙂