Richard, did you get my last message

Hi Richard,

Yesterday I sent you a message and I am surprised I
haven’t heard from you since.

Maybe you didn’t see my message yet? Or did I miss your
reply? I will check my email again a little later today,
but I just had to email you again to make sure you didn’t
miss this yesterday.


Now, please read the email I set you yesterday…

SUBJECT: Richard, an important message for you…

Hi Richard,

Have you heard of Colin Klinkert & Frank Bauer’s
new site already? What they offer is pretty much
a no brainer and I got a hold of it right away.

It will show you how you can stop the thieves by
cloaking your links, build a list on auto-pilot,
build a new stream of income, show your text ads
on Viral Widgets around the globe, earn ad credits to
show on sites and all that without doing anything

A cool webmail & marketing service with great
bonuses… I am sure you will agree with me once
you get your hands on it yourself…

Talk to you soon,

Richard Moyer

PS: I am not sure if the number of members
they allow access to the system is limited
or they just limit the number of people that
get access for free… anyway, I took right
away advantage of their offer and recommend
you do so too…