Point of Discussion

Hey Richard

I get it.

I expected to hear the argument…
“But I don’t know what I want to do”

This may be true, but you DO have some information…
actually more than you realize.

This information will help YOU understand your capabilities and limitations IF YOU WRITE IT DOWN!

You will also be able to take stock of what resources you currently have. .

Once you know that, you can begin to understand what resources you MIGHT NEED.

You may be able to form some IDEAS about where you would LIKE TO BE.

Then look at the GAP between WHAT YOU HAVE and WHAT YOU NEED to get to your ULTIMATE GOAL.

If you WRITE IT DOWN, you have a baseline from which you can BUILD A PLAN.

People rarely know, nor can they plan their future based on the first day of college. They have to learn some fundamentals, get a better understanding of whether their original vision is in line with what they know NOW, and be open to modification or tweaks going forward.

It all starts with a Vision.

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