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Welcome, and thanks for joining GrabThoseLeads Step 3

This topic is pretty simple, and most people would tend to skip right past it to the “Good Stuff” – where you can make money.

I get it. Time is clicking away. You are losing money (supposedly) by the minute…

It’s just the nature of the beast, marketing in general, but actually with any job or project, you just want to jump in and get started.

It is also the nature of THIS BUSINESS , to distract, detour, confuse, confound, and piss you off. If you are not NOW, you will SHORTLY be in INFORMATION OVERLOAD.

You most likely will blow off the whole section about creating your Business Plan, which I consider a CRITICAL ELEMENT OF YOUR SUCCESS.

I know you are not actually going to READ and CONSIDER most of what is put in front of you, whether it is an email, a sales page, an article, or anything else. We have become a society of SKIMMERS. (That’s why I BOLD important words when I write).

Hey, I’m guilty too, and have been for many years. I was in a highly technical field, and I actually took a course that taught me how to “speed read”. This was not the late night infomercial course: it specifically taught how to effectively skim TECHNICAL documents, and create mnemonics that you stored so you could “index” the key concepts and retrieve them more quickly.

Now that I’m old, the brain cells where those indexes lived have long since moved on. If I really want to remember something, I tell my wife. Otherwise, I use “crutches” to organize.

That’s what we are talking about here.

You will be in information overload if not already. I just want to get ahead of it. Ever hear the saying… the project managers creed?

“When you are up to your neck in alligators, it’s easy to forget that the goal was to drain the swamp.”

It is easy to be so overcome or preoccupied by various tangential worries, problems, or tasks that one loses sight of the ultimate goal or objective. – /

So, it is better to PLAN and ORGANIZE BEFORE you get inundated….

I will pass on what has worked for me, and if it works for you, GREAT!

Rich Moyer

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Directions to Set Up Your List Building System

You had signed up for, and the message you received was the autoresponder.

The way GrabThoseLeads works, now that you have signed up, for each section you join for free, you are put on an autoresponder list for that section.

Just as it is, if you simply sign up for the section and update that section with your userid by clicking the link above the video and the field to fill in your userid is at the bottom of that page, anybody you refer is then on YOUR list and will receive these autoresponder messages coded with YOUR affiliate IDs.

So, here is a quick checklist to get started.

All you need to do is to

  • Update your userid on all 5 sections,
  • Add your affiliate IDs to your profile if you have them
  • Select a landing page you want to use in your promotions in My Published Pages
  • Edit that landing page to update the Redirect URL (where you want them to go after your referrals register with name, email, and phone)
  • Save then right click the thumbnail and Copy Link Address
  • Promote that URL on safelists, traffic exchanges, classified sites, social media, etc.
  • Find ad copy in My Published Pages then click on Sales Pages
  • Find banners on the left menu BANNERS
  • Sit back and watch the referrals pour in.

Watch the video for a demonstration and walkthrough.