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Hi again, Richard

Once you start seriously promoting, you will find that you really DO need a tool to help you organize your ad copy, subject lines, keep track of your site login URL’s, userids and passwords.

Viral Mail Profits is an ingenious piece of software that not only holds all of these items, and lets you categorize them, but also submits and schedules ads. For upgraded members, you get a bunch of mailer credits too!

Direct Feedback Mailer… Huh?

Have you ever heard of a Direct Feedback Mailer? Me neither. Until now! The World’s First-ever Direct Feedback Mailer has just been launched at Viral Mail Profits so not only can you grab access to the world’s most

effective mailer management system, you also get a highly responsive mailer and you can get it all for free too!

Have you seen Viral Mail Profits before?

It was “just” a one of a kind program, hands down. It’s the easiest way to monetize your time and efforts with ALL mailer programs and make absolutely certain you are maximizing your profits with near zero effort. And they just launched the Direct Feedback Mailer all included in the same membership. Amazing!

So, as well as all the original benefits of Viral Mail Profits saving you heaps of time you also get:

** Email at least 1,000 Prospects Every 5 days

** Email more prospects with a 3 level downline bonus

** 200 Free Mailing Credits monthly


** up to 50% commissions

and you even get:

** 200 Mailing Credits for joining too!

And that’s just for free members, the benefits for upgrading are staggering and absolutely amazing value!

Upgraded members also get the benefit of Ulti-Send , that puts your submissions on virtual autopilot.

Let’s Mail to the Max!

Rich Moyer

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