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Hey Richard. We are continuing our Organization Tools discussion with more about Google apps.

Hidden Gems in GMail – the Browser Version

Gmail has so many features given to you for free, that you would have to pay extra for if you were purchasing another email client. Gmail works best with the Chrome browser (duh they are both by Google, who also invented Android).

  • On the upper left, below “Google”, there is a pull-down box called Gmail. This provides quick access to your Tasks and Contacts.
  • At the upper right, when you click the “tic tac toe” board icon, this is where you will find other google apps.
  • Use the “gear” to select the “display density” – how scrunched together the items are on your screen
  • Use the “gear” to change your theme
  • Use the “gear” to access your settings. This is a topic all on its own.
  • You can split your screen vertically (the index is on left and message body of the selected message is in a preview window on the right) or horizontally (the index is on top and message body of the selected message is in a preview window on the bottom). You can also choose No Split
  • Get details of your login status and location (including MAC address and IP address) by clicking the tiny “Details” link at the bottom of the screen. If you have multiple simultaneous accesses to your Gmail account, you can terminate all other sessions with the button, “Sign out all other web sessions”.

More tips to come

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