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Google Drive is more than just cloud storage. Besides the obscene amount of space you get, there are so many things that are closely integrated (at least on the Browser interface).

  • It is a massive cloud storage place where you can put your files or photos
  • Applications closely integrated are Docs, Sheet, and Slides
  • Also Google Forms, Drawings and Maps
  • You can upload files from your computer
  • You can download one file or multiple files or folders at one time
  • You can share your files with others.
  • You can restrict access: view only, edit, or comment
  • You can give someone a shareable link to a file
  • You can upload files from Microsoft Office applications and use them in their native format, or convert them to Google applications format with just a click.

Google DOCS

This is a pretty sophisticated full featured word processor that competes with most commercial versions on the market. Would I venture into writing the great American novel, or critically important documents with Google Docs? Probably not.

Most people only use 10% of the capability of these products, and in a Corporate environment, I would recommend Microsoft Office – Word, but for home-business use, GO FOR IT with Google Docs.

Document format portability is seamless, and the advantage of multiple platform availability for full editing, sharing, and synching makes this a great choice.


Again, since most people use only the most basic spreadsheet functions, SHEET is a perfectly satisfactory program. I personally am an Excel Power User (I had a website and blog, for years). But even with simple automation (the SHEETS scripting language is NOT compatible with MS Excel VBA), unless you have a specific requirement that demands MS Excel, I strongly recommend SHEETS.


I have only used this to display MS PowerPoint presentations, but again, for basic presentation needs, SLIDES works great.

Recommendation: THUMBS UP!

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