Many Reasons To Use Google Tools (including Gmail)

The questions I get when I talk about Google Tools generally follow:

  • You mean the search engine?
  • Gmail, right? I already know how to use Gmail.

Well, Google is so much more than search engine technology and email. Google has provided a complete suite of office tools – absolutely free. There is some partner software but everything you need is already right in your browser, and there is most likely a downloadable app for your Android tablet or phone, and your iPhone and iPad.

The secret is knowing how to find and access these gems.

OK, So Let’s Talk About Gmail

If you don’t have a Gmail account, GET ONE NOW. Unless you are using an email system in your own domain for branding purposes, even your BUSINESS email account should be Gmail.
Why? You definitely want to create a separation of BUSINESS and PERSONAL email. I don’t give out my personal email, except to close friends. My business email is my BRAND. It is ME – my business persona. I have been using the same email(s) for the majority of my business communications for many years.

The most important reason you do not want to use anything BUT Gmail is that Google does not FILTER your email. They still deliver it, but if it has questionable content (according to the Google Gods) then it is put into a SPAM folder. But at least you RECEIVE IT and YOU can decide whether it is worthy of earning its place in your INBOX. Most ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) DELETE and FILTER emails, so you may not be receiving critical messages, and you were not even given the opportunity to DECIDE.

As a system administrator, I deal with another issue DAILY and that is BOUNCES. When an email bounces, it sends failure notices o the SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR continually (usually retries around 50 times). I have special software that prevents these messages from crippling my systems. This is a common means of generating Denial of Service Attacks by the seedier side of our industry.

You Can Have Your Own Email Domain That Is Actually Gmail

Google actually has a premium email service that you can brand with your own domain name. In fact I have had one for years, although I do not use it for official business communications since I retired:“. I control the email addresses, configuration, and applications allowed in my domain.

Why Gmail?

It is free
You get TONS of storage
You get GREAT apps
You can access and synch across multiple platforms
Less likely to bounce
It is an industry standard
All the apps talk to each other
Full featured

Create your BUSINESS Gmail account (all Gmails are the same, just create a professional sounding email address) and then create a separate account for your personal email. Google Labs (the little gear at the upper right) has an app that allows you to open all of your inboxes from different accounts from one page.

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