Make Your Business Plan Secure and Evergreen

Keep Your Business Plan Up To Date

Your Business Plan should be update as changes happen in your business:

  • Additions or changes to Partnerships
  • Additions or changes to Major Suppliers
  • Changes of Products or Services Offered
  • Changes in Financial Status, Banks, or Investors
  • Changes in Market Segmentation
  • Changes in Business Organization (LLC, corporation)
  • Changes to Legal Status


  • Date and Version Control
  • Expiration
  • Retention and Destruction
  • Statuatory Endorsements
  • Witnessed and Notarized Signatures

Security and Protection

Your Business Plan should be secured and protected. It may contain personal or financial information.

  • Electronic protection, like a password for a digital copy of your Business Plan, deters casual intrusions.
  • Secure Digital Storage – like encryption, Cloud Storage
    Safe or Safe Deposit Box – for physical copies


Schedule periodic review of your Business Plan and associated business documents, licenses, policies, procedures, etc.

I schedule business plan reviews quarterly, coincident with quarterly tax filings.

After quarterly financial close, I attach my Profit & Loss report and Balance Sheet to my Business Plan.

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