Just think of it…

What about this, Richard?

Can you imagine building a skyscraper the way that most people in Network Marketing define their businesses? That’s like walking down the street in Manhattan and saying, “We’ll just order some steel, glass, and concrete, hire a crane and some guys, and next thing you know, we’ll have a skyscraper and we’ll be rich.”

How is that different than this?

“Uh, we’re going to surf til we get enough points to send out a message given to us by some Guru who promised we would only have to work 20 minutes per day. He gave that same message to 4,000 other people, but because I paid him $397, MY system will work better than the ones being promoted by those other 4,000 who only paid $97.”

I’m not asking you to create the master plan for the universe, just to write down what you know, and as more information is available, or things CONSCIOUSLY change, update it. Believe me – it COULD save you thousands of dollars…

Start Your Business Plan Today.

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