Residual Income Toolkit: Where to Promote Rotate My Sites

Are RMS rotators ONLY to be used in Traffic Exchanges?

  • WHAT? No, no, nooo, NO…
  • Use your RMS rotator anywhere…
  • Heck, use your RMS rotator everywhere !
  • Use your RMS rotator as your primary promo link…
  • Disinterested prospects can checkout your other offerings!

Here is where I promote Rotate My Sites and the other Toolkit apps

  • I have RMS banners appearing on front pages, member area pages, and advertising area pages for each of the safelists I own. Note 1
  • I have the referral banner in the footer of my blog pages.
  • I have the 125×125 banner in sidebar widgets on my blogs
  • I post the referral link in hotlinks and traffic links on all the safelists I use
    Note 3
  • I post 468×60 banners and 125×125 button ads on all the safelists I use
  • I post the 600×300 login ad all the safelists I use
  • I send out SuperNetwork Solo Ads using the ad copy
  • I promote the Residual Income Toolkit landing page that I created in TEHBcom, which takes your subscribers to the autoresponder campaign.
  • I promote TEHBcom so that subscribers on MY LIST can join, upgrade, and generate residual income! Join TEHBcomn:


Rich Moyer
(484) 902-8819


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