12 You Think You Are Safe with External Hard drives?


But you back up your data to External Hard Drives, so you are safe, right?


Sorry ~fname~, but they are hardware, and hardware FAILS!

Not IF, but WHEN.

It’s a mechanical device that gets an incredible of use, even when your PC is “asleep”.

My Story About External Hard Drives

I spent a large part of my career with a Fortune 50 company as an IT operations and engineering professional.  I know how to do this.  Even though I’m retired, backup, recovery, and disaster recovery are hardwired into my brain – I lived it every day of my working life in IT.

Every precaution you take is not IN CASE you have a hardware failure, but WHEN and to what extent your data is recoverable.
So, with the over 7 Terabytes of external storage I have on my network, I have lots of disk drives that make up that monster amount of disk space.   On my mission-critical machines, they get a differential backup EVERY DAY to a local drive.  They get a full backup once per week to the cloud.
Even with all these precautions, I still have hardware failures, and despite my efforts to minimize the effects of a hardware failure, I still lost some data when THREE of my Seagate drives “bricked” on my over a period of several months.  The data that I could not recover was inconsequential, but even those who DO THIS FOR A LIVING, unless you have unlimited resources at their disposal, are susceptible to data loss.
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Rich Moyer