08 Backing Up is the First Step. Now Protect It and You.

OK.  Let’s just get into it.
  • Identity Theft
  • Data Backup
  • Reseller Opportunity

Identity Theft

First, Identity Theft is running wild.   If you think you are immune, think again.   A new case is reported every 21 seconds in the US, and only 16%-64% of cases are actually reported (depending on type of fraud).

Who to trust?
  • Big Dog being investigated by FTC (you’ve heard their ads) 
  • Safe ID Trust makes it easy.
So, now we have solved the first problem, but realize that Safe ID Trust or any ID Theft resolution vendor cannot restore your electronic files, pictures, videos, or business records if they are damaged or missing!

Data Backup for All Your Devices – GotBackup
  • Hear my story GotBackup Saved My Business (true story).
  • My hard drive on my primary business machine – hardware failure.  Even had to buy new copy of Windows.
  • Don’t count on USB drives – I had 3 brick on me last year – OVER 6 TB of Data Lost if I did not have GotBackup.
  • Unlimited, Secure Cloud Storage.  For all your devices. 
Reseller Opportunity – GotBackup

  • Start your business today for $0 as a reseller of GotBackup.  Get one month for free.  
  • Use what you sell.  SIGN UP TODAY.
  • 92% Retention Rate after 1 year (Industry standard is generally less than 10%).
  • Low cost of entry.   In profit with 3 sales,
  • Everybody NEEDS THIS.  Network Marketers, surfers, social media users, soccer moms, business people (What part of EVERYBODY didn’t you understand?)
  • Hardware Fails.  Not IF but WHEN!
  • Don’t SELL, but TELL.  Yes you can share MY TRUE STORY! (I know a guy…)
Reseller Opportunity – Safe ID Trust
  • Identity theft is the SCARIEST THING YOU COULD EVER Experience IN YOUR LIFE.
  • You absolutely NEED this.  
  • Use what you sell.  So, are you signed up yet?  How about NOW?  Or NOW?…
  • Everybody ELSE NEEDS this.
  • It’s too late if you have already been compromised.
  • Check out the comp plan
  • Founders positions still available
  • BTW, THIS has also happened 3 times to me – stolen checks, hacked ecommerce sites and blogs, my wife’s medical records!
Bottom Line

We’re not talking about another product that interests only other internet marketers.   EVERYBODY NEEDS BOTH THESE PRODUCTS!
See the details
>>>> http://av.id.ly/gbsidt

Rich Moyer