05 Do You Know, Like, and Trust YOUR Project Leadership?

Know, Like, and Trust…
If you have never heard of Pure Leverage, here’s the scoop.

First, let me introduce myself.  My name is Rich Moyer.  I am
a USER of GVO, GotBackup, and Pure Leverage, in addition to being a reseller.
One other thing you should know:
I will “give up the sale” if it is not in the best interest of my customer.
I also USE WHAT I SELL, and sometimes, sell what I use.
I have been with GVO for hosting, and their Host Then Profits
program since pre-launch, and likewise with Pure Leverage.
I use the autoresponder and the suite of business tools in
Pure Leverage every single day.
GVO was my first real autoresponder and I have many
campaigns active besides Pure Leverage.  For example, I use the
GVO/Pure Leverage autoresponder for my most popular
newsletter, the Home Business Tips Newsletter that draws
2-5 new subscribers every day.
Besides the done-for-you lead capture, and the autoresponder,
the Conference Room webinar tool boasts all the features
and functionality of huge and expensive commercial
webinar tools like GoToMeeting and Webex.  This is included
for no additional charge in the monthly Pure Leverage subscription fee.
If you choose to be a reseller of Pure Leverage, the Leadership
starting with Joel Therien, who is the President and CEO,
and the rest of his management team, the trainers, and
technical support folks are ALL there for you from the moment you sign up.
As a reseller, you have an incredible set of marketing tools, done-for-you lead capture and autoresponder campaigns, traffic co-ops, and so much more.  Nowhere else do you get as much value for the
cost, and get 100% commissions.
There are weekly training sessions that have more than just a cameo  appearance by the leadership,.  Many times Joel will conduct the
training HIMSELF.
There is a professionalism at GVO/Pure Leverage that you don’t find
with many other programs, in not only training webinars, but every
medium and in every opportunity they use to get in front of the
membership.  They do NOT come off as “Marketers”, but as people you GET TO KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST, that are truly interested in YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.  They are not just hawking a product, but are there to SUPPORT YOU with the highest quality products that are INTEGRATED, and PROVEN in the marketplace, with the best training, and exceptional support.
The integration of social  media, and how they embrace Facebook
marketing shows their ability to adapt to the changes in the
THIS is why you should be considering GVO, GotBackup, and Pure Leverage.
I’m letting my “techie side” leak out here: as someone who spent a
career in systems engineering and IT operations for 24x7x365 high
availability, mission critical systems with a Fortune 50 company,
believe me when  I tell you that GVO, GotBackup,  and Pure Leverage have the  BEST help desk and technical support folks that I have encountered on the internet.
Check it out NOW!
>>>>> http://av.id.ly/gotbackup
Rich Moyer