01 Techno-phobia is Welcome Here!

Techno-phobia is Welcome Here!
Hi ~fname~,

I get it.   Not everybody is a computer geek like me.  I have been working with computers since 1977, when I bought my first machine that I had to assemble myself from a kit.

Nowadays, I’m ashamed to say that even though I was at the top of my field in IT, my son had to teach me how to use a smartphone.  With all this technology changing at breakneck speed, I just cannot keep up.   I too get frustrated, intimidated, stumped, because the IT I grew up with is now a display in a museum (it’s far too boring to kids today so it is only in obscure history books).

GotBackup is a piece of cake.

  • Sign Up.
  • Download the software.
  • Tell the software the folders you want to back up (you can even tell it your whole C: drive)
  • Set it and Forget it.


There is nothing to be afraid of.  They tell you what to do step by step in a way that every Newbie can understand.

And, they have 24×7 World Class support to help you if you get stuck.

Ready to sign up now?

>>>>> http://av.id.ly/gotbackup

Rich Moyer