00 Welcome to GotBackup – My True Story

Alright.  You’ve seen the high energy marketing materials, videos, and testimonials.

I’d like to tell you MY story.

My 1.5Tb harddrive CRASHED on my primary business computer – even the hidden partition containing my re-install for Windows 7.1.  I had to replace not only the hard drive, but I had to buy a NEW COPY OF WINDOWS because Windows 7.1 is no longer available.
I was staging all the family photos that I had scanned, cropped, edited, and otherwise digitized because I was building a website to contain a gallery of our photos – some as old as 1904.  All of those photos existed in only one place – that hard drive.

After installing the new OS, GotBackup restored 100% of my data on my PRIMARY BUSINESS MACHINE that contained ALL of my business receipts, promotional ad copy, financial records, videos, graphics, etc.

So it was very important, not only for my business records, but also for our personal photos that I recover all that data.

Needless to say, I’m a Big Fan of GotBackup.

For less than $10 per month, YOUR data, and your precious memories, can be safe, secure, and accessible from any web browser.

Every family has at least one or more computers.  There are Family plans that substantially reduce the cost to backup per machine.  You really cannot afford to be WITHOUT Got Backup!

Rich Moyer



How Cool is That! Watch the video.  Check out my testimonial on the video starting at 33:53 (actually watch the whole video) http://www.gvovideo.com/video.php?v=8NkJSkbu0Ey