04 Why most broke people stay BROKE and the RICH get RICHER!

Hi ~name~,

Want to know why?

Think about the last couple of purchases you made.

Thought of them?


Now, answer this:

How many of them will actually MAKE you money?

If you are like most people reading this email, the
answer is “none”

If I could pinpoint only ONE difference between
people who aren’t making money, and the people
who are, it’s this:

People who aren’t making money SPEND their
money on things that will never make them any
money back (Starbucks, entertainment, shopping,

People who are making money however, spend
their money on things that have an “income potential”.

If you are unfamiliar with the term income potential,
it means, whatever you are spending their money on
has the POTENTIAL to make you MORE money
than you spent.

And, if you aren’t making the type of money you
desire right now, there’s a good chance that it is
because you are spending money on things that
have zero income potential.

That said, let me ask you:

When would be a good time to change how
and where you spend your money?

If you answered right now then you owe it to
yourself to click the following  link and START NOW

The time is RIGHT NOW,