08 Overview of the Lost Wallet Services

As a member of Safe ID Trust, if you were to ever lose or have your wallet/purse stolen, all you would have to do is make one phone call to the Safe ID Member Services Line. One of the Safe ID Specialists will perform the following actions:

Actions Taken

The Safe ID Specialist will have a one-on-one conversation with you to obtain what information was in your lost/stolen wallet/purse.

If necessary the Safe ID Specialist will pull a credit report to use as a reference for contacting the creditors listed in the lost/stolen wallet/purse.

We put the list of items in order of priority. Financial information is contacted first so that we can prevent fraudulent charges from occurring.

Credit Cards

Inquire from you if it was a specific type of credit card (personal/business, debit/credit) as there are several different departments within the bank that handle specific cards. Next, we will contact all the creditors. These calls must be made in the form of a conference call with you on the line. (For security and authentication purposes) We review any recent transactions, dispute fraudulent charges (if any), replace the card.


If there were checks or a checkbook lost or stolen, we will have the checking/savings account closed and a new account number opened along with new checks ordered.

Drivers License

Depending on the state, you may be able to renew your lost license online and we will help walk you through that process. If your state does not provide online renewals then the Safe ID Specialist will look up the address and phone number for you online to provide you with this information. An email can also be sent to you containing the information needed to replace.

We will also suggest that you file a police report so that authorities know that your drivers’ license was lost/stolen. If pulled over, authorities will have record of why you cannot show proof of identity.

When you visit the state Department of Motor Vehicles office, you will need to take a minimum of two forms of identification with you (such as a birth certificate and another government issued proof of identification), and proof of social security number just as if you were applying for a license for the first time. Please note, you will also be required to pay a fee to replace your drivers’ license.

Social Security Cards

If you have had your social security card lost/stolen, the Safe ID Specialist can email or fax you the necessary SS-5 form that you must fill out and return to the Social Security Administration. We can provide the location of the closest SS Administration office. Unfortunately we cannot replace or report a missing Social Security card over the phone. This must be taken care of in person due to the identification being government issued.


If you have had your passport in your lost/stolen wallet/purse, you will need to fill out two forms. There is a Statement of Lost/Stolen Passport Form DS-64 that needs to be completed by the member. (We can provide this form to you.)

The DS-64 form will invalidate their passport, therefore if it is ever recovered they will have to turn it in and it cannot be used for travel. You will also have to submit a new application using Form DS-11 to get a replacement passport issued and pay the applicable fees for processing. You must submit the Form DS-11 and the additional required documentation in person at an Acceptance Facility or Passport Agency. Form DS-11 may not be submitted by mail. The Safe ID Specialist will be able to answer all your questions and walk you through the entire process.

Health & Auto Insurance Cards/Membership Cards

If you had auto insurance cards, medical insurance cards, or other types of membership cards stolen, the Safe ID Specialist will assist with contacting these institutions as well to help you get replacement membership cards. If the membership cards have your picture on them, you may need to go back to the place where they received the original card to have another picture taken.


Depending on the members’ preference the Safe ID Specialist can replace a Medicare/Medicaid card online or over the phone.

Professional Licenses

If the member has lost a copy of their professional license, the Safe ID Specialist will contact the agency that issued the license and let them know that you have lost it. They will either be able to send you a new one or they will advise you of what needs to be done in order to get it replaced.

Diplomas & Certificates

The Safe ID Specialist will contact the institution that issued the diploma/certificate. We will advise the institution of the lost/stolen certificate/diploma and provide an estimated time of arrival the document will arrive.

There are no limitations to what the Safe ID Specialists can help you with during the recovery process of your lost/stolen wallet/purse. Safe ID Trust will do its best to provide you with the information that you need to replace any items that were lost/stolen.

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