Ad Copy #1 Now If But When

Subject: Now If But When
The Facts about Identity Theft
  • A new identity fraud victim is hit every two seconds in America
  • Average financial loss per reported incident $4,930
  • Number of Identity Fraud Victims Rose to 13.1 Million
  • Dramatic Increase in Account Takeover
Safe ID Trust – What makes our ID Theft Membership different?
We focus on what counts, RECOVERY. If your identity is stolen, you simply make one phone call and file a police report.  One of our experts will document everything and immediately start the investigation and process in restoring your identity back to pre-theft status.
  • No time consuming forms to fill out
  • No drama about not being covered for that type of ID Theft
  • No being transferred 10 times or waiting for a call back
  • And most importantly….
You will not be sent a package in the mail with instructions on what you need to do to recover your own identity!
Membership is AFFORDABLE – one membership for a family of eight!
Let’s put this a different way…
Isn’t it time you PROTECTED YOUR FAMILY?
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Rich Moyer
Founding Member
Independent Agent Safe ID Trust