11 Overview of the 24/7 Live Member Service

As a member of Safe ID Trust, you have direct access to the Safe ID Member Service phone line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

The Safe ID Member Service line is the heart and soul of your membership. That is where you report identity theft events, lost or stolen wallet events, or ask any questions about protecting your identity.

Calling the Safe ID Member Service line puts you in touch with one of the Safe ID Specialists who are fully certified and trained to go beyond the basic credit report restoration and offer a robust case knowledge in non-credit restoration including payday loans, IRS, DMV, court records, and more. They also go beyond just restoring identities by also providing tips on how to protect your private information, safe password practices, safe banking practices, and what to do if you lose your wallet/purse.

– See more at: http://richmoyer.safeidtrust.biz/memberservice/?mitem=27076#sthash.EbPfDUUo.dpuf

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Rich Moyer
Founding Member
Independent Agent Safe ID Trust