09 Overview of Safe ID Detective

The Safe ID Detective service is engineered to provide information services for non-credit based Personal Identifiable Information (PII). It does not involve credit bureau data and provides services on information not tracked by credit bureaus.

Safe ID Detective is Safe ID Trust’s proprietary technology which monitors global black-market websites, IRC channels, chat rooms, and social feeds for our Member’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII), such as Name, Date of Birth, Bank Account information, Credit Card numbers, Debit Card numbers, email addresses and passwords, telephone numbers, and medical id numbers.

Safe ID Detective continuously monitors thousands of websites and millions of data points, alerting our members if their personal information is found being bought, sold, or traded online. Using a variety of data gathering techniques, such as chat room monitoring, spidering/crawler/scraping capabilities and forum extraction, Safe ID Detective locates compromised data on the following:

  • More than 600,000 web pages a day based on over 10,000 optimized search engine queries
  • More than 10,000 forums and websites
  • At least 50,000 malware samples per day
  • More than 500 IRC channels
  • More than 250 Twitter feeds
  • P2P Sources: 114 servers
  • Hidden/anonymous web services: 80
  • Botnets monitored: more than 100 C&C servers, 18,000 compromised hosts
  • More than 320 torrent sources

Monitored Member Information:

Monitored information is unique elements of PII which are matched against found data in the Safe ID Detective database. Monitored information includes: Email Addresses, Telephone Numbers, Medical ID Numbers, Credit/Debit Card Numbers, Bank Account Numbers, and Retail Credit Cards.

When an exact match for the monitored information is found, the Member is alerted with an email notification alerting them to the found PII. The detail of the alert can be accessed through their portal for more information.

Additional Data Elements Captured Per Event:

Captured elements are not monitored elements, but can be returned with the instance of compromised monitored information. If the monitored information is found compromised, Safe ID Detective searches for possible compromised relative information and captures these elements. The following is a list of captured elements: Name, Driver’s License Number, Cardholder Address, Street Address, Driver’s License State, PayPal User ID, City, PayPal Password, State, Postal Code, Online User ID, EBay User ID, Country, Online User ID Password, EBay Password, Phone, Credit/Debit Card Type, Name of Bank, Alternate Phone, Name on Card, Bank Phone Number, Last 4 of SSN, Card Verification Number, Bank Login User ID, Mother’s Maiden Name, Card PIN, Bank Login Password, Date of Birth, Card Expiration Date, Bank PIN, Day of Birth, Month of Birth, Year or Birth, Card Expiration Month, Card Expiration Year, and Medical Provider.

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Rich Moyer
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