05 Warning Signs that Your Identify Has Been Compromised

Warning Signs:

  • You receive bills from accounts you didn’t open.
  • You see unauthorized charges on your accounts — credit card, phone, bank, etc.
  • Collection agencies are calling you about debts you’re unaware of.
  • You are missing checks from your checkbook.
  • Bills and statements are not arriving in the mail at the expected time.
  • Your credit report has unknown entries — accounts, addresses, employment history, etc.
  • You get turned down for a loan or job based on false entries in your credit report.
  • You receive credit cards you didn’t apply for.
  • Your social security earnings and benefit statement shows you made more than you expected for one or more years.
  • The IRS contacts you about income you have not reported.
  • Debt collectors are contacting you about debts that you are unaware of.
  • Replacement credit card is not received before your current card expires.

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