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My name is Rich Moyer, and I am an afilliate, an independent agent representing Safe ID Trust (SIDT).

I’ve been associated with the education of identity theft issues for almost 12 years.  After I first retired, I did many community relations presentations about identity theft in cooperation with local police departments, community groups, seniors centers, over-55 communities, and assisted living residents.

There are many vendors out there claiming to do identity theft monitoring, and they make impressive claims that they assist in remediation of loss and restoration of credit, but in most cases, they simply point you to the forms necessary and ASSIST YOU in completion of those forms by answering questions.  Few actually take control and DO the work.

SIDT is different.  Your responsibility is two fold:  completing a police report, and authorizing a Power of Attorney so that SIDT can investigate, and act as your AGENT to actually DO the paperwork, file documents, and even initiate legal procedures ON YOUR BEHALF.

I urge you to learn more about the company, review the testimonials, and even do your homework to discover all the news, good and bad, about identity theft remediation.  You will find that SIDT has a stellar reputation, and excellent track record in not only “assisting”, but restoring losses and credit standings.

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Rich Moyer
Founding Member
Independent Agent Safe ID Trust