07 A Way to Get Attention to Your Sites and EARN

Frank Salinas has been doing this for years, and it has yielded THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in additional income:  

The Power of the PS

Frank has made it SO easy to now add a rotator to the end of your signature line with not only a rotator, but a fantastic advertising site called PS Click Power.

One of the simple things that will set PS Click Power apart is that members do not receive emails from other members at all.

This is something that will end up being very refreshing for those members that already have memberships to 20, 30+ sites..

Members will be incentivized to view and click ads because we’ll have a module in place so that anyone that clicks more than 50 ads in a day will be entered into a drawing to win cool prizes like credits, banners, text ads or even CASH!

Prizes will be added into the member’s account and members will be notified by email when they win.

Members can win more than once per month and can qualify every day just by clicking on at least 50 ads in 24hrs!

Anyone that has heard of Frank Salinas knows that Frank is all about making money, not only for himself, but all others who subscribe to his business model.  (In case you didn’t know, Joe Freyaldenhoven and Frank Salinas came up with the Instant Commission sites and the whole upsell model employed at all the Team Elite Home Businesses sites.)

Won’t you join me TODAY and start your road to success.
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Rich Moyer


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