06 Instant Commissions Site: Your Lucky Fast Cash

Your Lucky Fast Cash is another of the Instant Commission sites that I own.

Key Features

5 Membership levels:

  • Free (Earns on 20% of sales opportunities).  Pass up 4 to Admin or Founder, get 1, regardless of value.
  • Silver (Earns on 33% of sales opportunities).  Pass up 3, get 1
  • Gold (Earns on 50% of sales opportunities) . Pass up 1, get 1
  • Platinum (Earns on 75% of sales opportunities). Pass up 1, get 3 
  • Founder (Earns on 100% of all sales PLUS the Admin share effectively 150%).  No Pass up

All Lifetime Memberships

  • One-time, up-front payment via Paypal (and Payza in the near future)

Features and Benefits of upgraded memberships
  • Loaded with tons of goodies (free SuperSolos, ads, and more).
  • A huge monthly ad and points allowance (free members get none).
  • 50% Instant Commissions direct to YOUR PAYPAL or Payza (free members get 20%)
  • Earn CASH to YOUR PAYPAL/Payza when YOUR REFERRALS upgrade or purchase ads
  • More surf points and shorter surf timers
  • More clicking points for on-site ads such as buttons,  banners, text ads
  • Earn points whenever YOUR REFERRALS log in.
  • Earn points whenever YOUR REFERRALS earn points
  • Viral Ad Tools: Viral Link Cloaker, Viral Ads, and Viral Rotator
  • Available Lifetime Banners and Text Ads
  • Upgraded members get a NO EMAIL option
  • On-site viewing for all Solo, Super Solo, and Credit Mailer ads
  • Many new on-site ad options: Headline Ads, Ads Plus, Featured Ads. Start Pages, Spotlight Ads.  Everything is clickable and earns points, but THESE AD TYPES HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO BE MORE EFFECTIVE for not only CTR’s but also for CONVERSIONS!
  • Lowest Allowable Price for SuperNetwork Ads
  • Minimum recommended level for optimum earning/value is GOLD
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