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I had mentioned that I saw a tremendous opportunity with Joe Freyaldenhoven’s business model using Team Elite Home Businesses.  Overlaying the TEHB strategies with my own Traffic Strategies (ebook: A Traffic Strategy), I have found the perfect niche that meets my own business goals, and sets a clear path to where I want my business to be.

I had joined, and invested in many upgrades to the limited pool at the time, of Instant Commissions sites up to and including Founders Member.  At first, there were only six such sites, but Joe (the leader) and Don Harrison (the site builder and hosting guy) have been expanding at the rate of several new sites per week that have adopted the same model.

My list has grown considerably:  I now own two Instant Commissions sites, and have upwards of 18 top level memberships (and growing).  In addition, I have three other safelist/traffic exchange sites: Giant Profit AdsMad Cow Ads, and WebcastSource.net.

Check out my continually growing list of INCOME SITES:
>>>>> My TEHB Sites

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Rich Moyer


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