00 Welcome to My Team Elite Home Businesses Systems Newsletter

Welcome to My Newsletter

What better way to educate, inform, and spread the wealth, truly.

A little about me and my business

My business is TRAFFIC.  


I own, administer and promote Safelists, Traffic Exchanges, Mailers, and Surf sites

I Supply Traffic, Educate About Traffic, and Promote Traffic Sources of all types:  

  • Low Budget –  Safelists, Traffic Exchanges, Mailers, and Surf sites
  • Medium Budget – Solo Ads, Co-Ops, Social Media Engineering
  • Premium Traffic sources – used by Co-Ops and Gurus

My Bio

I am now retired (for the 3rd time) but here’s the short version of my bio:

  • I am a Certified Network Engineer, Systems Engineer, Systems Management Engineer and Process Engineer.
  • I spent half of my Corporate career as a Professional IT, Business, Financial Systems, and Output Management Consultant.
  • I have owned and managed a Real Estate Investment company, Property Management Company, and IT/Small Business Consulting firm.
  • Post-retirement, as an independent contractor and with my Consulting Firm, I worked as a certified IT, ISO-9002, and Sarbanes-Oxley Auditor.
  • Post-retirement, I did Consultative Selling to Multi-Million Dollar Enterprise and International clients
  • Now I am a full time marketer, Platinum VIP member of WorldProfit, and Inner Circle Member of Team Elite.

So, what is this Team Elite Home Businesses?

Joe Freyaldenhoven has come up with a wonderful business model that he SHARES that positions people WHO FOLLOW THIS BUSINESS MODEL to make money with a minimum of investment. Any business worth having requires dedication, investment of time and money, and PROMOTION to succeed.  His nickname is BubbaJoe but don’t let the down-home, country boy demeanor fool you, he is a BRILLIANT man who holds multiple Masters degrees. 

The key to Joe’s model of success is built around the Team Elite Responder and the Instant Commission Safelists, Mailers, and Traffic Exchanges.

Build Your List

The Team Elite Responder (TER) is an unlimited lead capture and autoresponder system available for the UNBELIEVABLE lifetime cost of $7.00!  I’ve had (and still have) many autoresponder systems, but TER is the best value I have found.

My philosophy, and those successful working with Joe, is to build your list by FRONT-ENDING your offers with LEAD CAPTURE PAGES, then do “customer cultivation” by providing information to your prospects about features and benefits of the products or services, and following up with a combination of the autoresponder, email marketing, and personal contact.  It takes between 7 and 11 exposures for most people to “get it”.  An autoresponder is a great way to gently reinforce those things that are important. “Tell, Don’t Sell”.

Instant Commission Sites

The list of Instant Commission sites is continually growing.   The claim to fame is that even FREE members earn commissions, as do all other levels UP TO AND INCLUDING FOUNDERS LEVEL (or the highest levels of various names).  This business model allows marketers to get started for little or no investment, but by promoting these sites, building their LIST, and reinvesting EARNINGS back INTO their business, upgrading, and continuing to promote, they can attain higher levels of membership which earn higher percentages commissions. Rinse and repeat. Cross promote these sites and build your referrals and your list.

What to Expect In This Newsletter

You will be presented with ways this business model has worked FOR ME, and invited to join me, not as one solicitation after another, but as:

  • Opportunities
  • Advice
  • Education
  • Tips and Techniques

From my bio, you can see that I spent the majority of my career, in one capacity or another, as a professional consultant.  I still do consulting, however the difference is that now, I do not CHARGE for consulting.   I use what I sell, and make recommendations that fit YOUR business goals, not only the hottest things.  I do this for FREE because it is now MY turn to PAY IT FORWARD, just as my mentors have done for me…

Won’t YOU join me?

Rich Moyer