12Commissions Unleashed Site Features: Top Apex Viral Solos

Another SuperNetwork option you have in Advertising is Top Apex Viral Solos

You purchase these ads as you do any other ad type, however SuperNetwork Ads cannot be exchanged for credits.

Buy Top Apex Viral Solos

  • You can purchase them individually, or in bulk
  • Individually, Top Apex Viral Solos sell for $3.99 per network ad.
  • You can purchase  Top Apex Viral Solos in bulk: $14.99 per 5 network ads.
  • Top Apex Viral Solos Sent to 42 Sites Total Combined Membership of 48,732 Members
  • Make payments with PayPal or using a credit card through these payment processors

Claim Network Ad Credits

  • This is where you can view Top Apex Viral Solos for credits
  • You are shown the ad copy that would normally go to your email box (unless you elect not to receive network ads in your Profile).
  • Click on the link to launch the web page in another tab
  • When the timer expires, click the like-image to get credits. It could be the larger number, or biggest box, etc.
  • Switch back to the original tab to view more ads.
  • Hint: you also earn Banner Views by clicking on the banners located in the header when the webpage is displayed
  • To switch back to purchase Global Viral Solo Ads, click the link at the top of the screen on the main tab, Buy Network Ads
  • When finished viewing ads, you can close the second tab.

View Network Partner Sites

  • Click the link Click here to view our list of partner sites.
  • This list will display in a new tab.
  • When finished viewing the sites, you can close the second tab.

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