07Commissions Unleashed Site Features: Mailing

There are four buttons associated with the Mailer functions of Commissions Unleashed:

  • System Mailer
  • Advertising
  • Line Mailer
  • NEW 10 LVL Mailer

System Mailer

The System Mailer is the Credit mailer function at Commissions Unleashed.  

  • You must have credits available to send a message using System Mailer.
  • You must enter a SUBJECT LINE, Email Body, and Target URL
  • To comply with anti-spam and FTC regulations, do not use dollar signs in the subject line, no deceptive subject lines, vulgarity, etc.
  • Your email body cannot use HTML formatting – Text only
  • Depending on your membership level, you can send to a particular number of members, and if the total number of members is greater than that limit, you can supplement up to a prescribed number of credits.  For example, a Pro member can send to 500 members without credits.  If there are more than 500 members, the Pro member can supplement with 500 additional credits, making the total number of members to receive that message 1,000.  Similar examples can be made for each membership level:  consult the Upgrade Account chart to determine the system mailer limits.
  • Once you click SEND, your message will be validated, and you must click the CONFIRM YOUR SITE  button to finish submission


You will find an opportunity to purchase each type of ad, to view the already submitted ads and statistics, and notices that you still have remaining ads of the various types.

Ad types associated with Mailing in the Advertising section are Solo Ads and SuperNetwork Ads of various types.  You will learn more about these ad types.


Line Mailer

The Line Mailer allows you to mail everyone that joined AFTER you.  The date you joined is posted in this screen, and there is a count of the number of members available for you to mail.


NEW! 10 Level Mailer (10 LVL)

– Paid Members Only

The power of this feature is INCREDIBLE!  The 10 Level Mailer allows you to mail your downline up to 10 Levels!  10 Levels:

  • Level 1 – Your direct referral
  • Level 2 – Your referral’s direct referral
  • Level 3 – Your referral’s referral’s direct referral
  • Level 10

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