06Commissions Unleashed Site Feature: Onsite Ads

Onsite ads are EVERYWHERE but you many take it for granted there are clickable ads that can earn credits for you.

Top of the Page – Start Here (Members Area)

  • At the top of the page, under the Site Logo are Header Adz (the small text ad on the top).
  • Right under the Header Adz are AdsPlus Ads that consist of a 468×60 banner AND a text ad
  • There may be another 468×60 banner and some Text Links, both credit ads for which you earn credits

Under the NAV Menu

  • In the member area (Start Here), all the 125×125 ads BELOW the NAV menu called Recommended Systems are  a great source of credits, and they DO rotate (if there are sufficient ADMIN-posted button ads).
  • Below the Recommended Systems ads (generally 4-6 positions) are Member BUTTON BANNERS


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