03Commissions Unleashed Site Setup: Your Profile

After joining Commissions Unleashed (or any safelist for that matter), take the time to fill out your PROFILE.

Besides the usual name, address, telephone, username, and password, there are some fields you should consider filling in:

  • Paypal Email – Ensures you can pay for your subscription, but more importantly, you can be PAID COMMISSIONS!
  • Upload your profile picture.  Supported File Formats: JPG, GIF and PNG. (150 pixel width)

For Founders Level members, there may be other definitions:

  • Clickbank ID – When ClickBank products are featured, YOU would get the sales commission.
  • The “social media” definitions enable the social media buttons when your ads are shown.  When clicked they Like or Tweet, they can go to your YouTube channel, call you on Skype, or access your blog.
Facebook Username
Twitter Username
YouTube Username
Blog/Site URL


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