09Site Features: Top Apex Viral Solos

When you click the Top Apex Viral Solos button on the Nav menu, this opens the doors to three functions:

Buy Top Apex Viral Solo Ads

  • You can purchase them individually, or in bulk
  • Individually, Top Apex Viral Solo Ads sell for $3.99 per network ad.
  • You can purchase Top Apex Viral Solo Ads in bulk: $14.99 per 5 network ads.
  • Top Apex Viral Solo Network Ads Sent to 42 Sites Total Combined Membership of 48,732 Members
  • Make payments with PayPal or Payza, or using a credit card through these payment processors

Claim Network Ad Credits

  • This is where you can view Top Apex Viral Solo Ads for credits
  • You are shown the ad copy that would normally go to your email box (unless you elect not to receive network ads in your Profile).
  • Click on the link to launch the web page in another tab
  • When the timer expires, click the like-image to get credits.  It could be the larger number, or biggest box, etc.
  • Switch back to the original tab to view more ads.
  • Hint: you also earn Banner Views by clicking on the banners located in the header when the webpage is displayed
  • To switch back to purchase Top Apex Viral Solo Ads, click the link at the top of the screen on the main tab, Buy Network Ads
  • When finished viewing ads, you can close the second tab.

View Network Partner Sites

  • Click the link Click here to view our list of partner sites.
  • This list will display in a new tab.
  • When finished viewing the sites, you can close the second tab.


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