08Site Features: Buy Credits

Did you know that there are different types of credits on Paid Viral Mailer?

Paid to Click Credits

  • You can now Get Paid Up To $0.02 per click for viewing websites
  • You have total control over how long you want your sites to be viewed. 
  • You can purchase credits that dictate the number of FORCED VIEWS your PTC ad gets
  • You can set the duration of the timer while the ad is being viewed ie. 3 SEC TIMER
  • You can specify the value when the credit link is clicked ie. click value $0.001

Login Spotlight

  • The Login Spotlight site is shown to members when they login.
  • You can reserve the Login Spotlight for your own site, and members will be rewarded for rating your site and giving feedback.
  • This is also a scheduler function.  Dates in red are already reserved, and dates in green are available.
  • After purchasing a startpage, you can enter your URL and view your ratings below.

Mailer Credits

  • These credits are used for the Mailer, Banners, and Text Ads

How to Pay for Your Credits

  • All purchases can be made with Paypal, Payza, or via credit card through either of those payment buttons


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