05Site Features: Mailing

There are three buttons associated with the Credit Mailer function of Paid Viral Mailer:

  • Send Mailing
  • Sent Messages
  • Templates


SEND MAILING is the Credit mailer function at Paid Viral Mailer.  

  • You must have credits available to send a message using SEND MAILING.
  • You must enter a SUBJECT LINE, Email Body, and Target URL
  • To comply with anti-spam and FTC regulations, do not use dollar signs in the subject line, no deceptive subject lines, vulgarity, etc.
  • Your email body can be formatted using the GUI editor
  • Once you click SEND, your message will be validated, and you must click the CONFIRM YOUR SITE  button to finish submission


The SENT MESSAGES feature works in conjunction with SEND MAILING.  It shows COMPLETED MAILINGS and statistics.

Date Subject Sent To Clicks CTR Status Resend
Nov 17, 2015 Simplicity & duplication means your part of 100M 1574 0 0 % SENT Send Again

Above is an example of one mailing I did on November 17th.

  • Notice that it says how many recipients the message was SENT TO
  • The statistics do not show HOW MANY OPENED THE EMAIL
  • CLICKS shows how many of those recipients clicked on the CREDIT LINK
  • The CTR stands for Click Through Rate, which is the number of messages SENT divided by the number of CLICKS
  • Status is SENT or In Progress.
  • There is a handy link that allows you to resend this same message, if you have sufficient credits.


These are stored messages.  

  • Depending on your membership level, you can store a certain number of messages that can be easily resent with one click.
  • You store messages while initially entering the message in the SEND MAILING screen and clicking the Save checkbox.

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