04Site Features: Missed Mail

A nice feature at Paid Viral Mailer is Missed Mail.

No need to sift through your Inbox to find the credit mails for Paid Viral Mailer.  

You can simply click on Missed Mail, and any promos you have not clicked will be shown, and you can open them, click the credit link, and view the ad.  

Match the WORD with the PICTURE to get credit when the timer runs out:

  • Animal
  • Person
  • Food
  • World

and others

Organization of Your Emails

First and foremost you should NOT be using AOL, Hotmail, or Yahoo – THESE ARE THE WORST!  They bounce messages like crazy, which could get your Paid Viral Mailer account canceled!

GMAIL ONLY, and with the recent GMAIL bounce issues, ViralInbox is now being recommended.

Using GMAIL, learn to organize the emails you receive by using LABELS (think of them as FOLDERS).  When combined with FILTERS, you can keep your inbox clean and clear of Safelist and Traffic Exchange mailings, and only pay attention to important messages.

See the video tutorial: “Tutorial: Create a Filter With Gmail

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