Lead Capture Page TEHB Giant Profit Ads

Attached is the HTML code needed for creation of the Lead Capture Page for Giant Profit Ads.  Click the link below to open the text file.



This video shows how to create the group, and create the lead capture page from the HTML file attached.

Summary of the Steps

Create the lead capture page from the blank template

  1. Login to TEHB
  2. Click Capture Pages on the left side menu
  3. Open the tab for Blank Lead Capture Page
  4. Click Edit Page
  5. Click Settings
  6. Click Duplicate This Page

Customize The Blank Lead Capture Page

  1. Go back to Home
  2. Click on Capture Pages
  3. Open the tab for My Capture Pages
  4. Find the newest page at the bottom of the page and click Edit Page
  5. Click Settings
  6. If GiantProfitAds does not appear in the Contact Group pull-down, then click on Manage Lead Groups and fill in Group Title with GiantProfitAds then click Add Contact Group.  You will be returned to the blank page.
  7. Click Settings
  8. Fill in the Title with Giant Profit Ads 
  9. Verify that GiantProfitAds is selected in the Contact Group pull-down
  10. Ensure that the pull-down shows Append
  11. In Redirect URL, type the full URL of your referral ID at Giant Profit Ads  (http://giantprofitads.info/index.php?referid=userid)

Copy/Paste the HTML Code into the Page

  1. Detach and Open the text file above.
  2. Select All (ctrl a)
  3. Copy to the clipboard (ctrl c)
  4. Click the Source Code button (<>)
  5. Click into the Source Code window and paste (ctrl v)
  6. Click OK and close the source code window
  7. Click the Full Screen button
  8. Select the Giant Profit Ads 468×60 banner (at the bottom of the page)
  9. Click the Insert/Edit Link icon and paste in your Giant Profit Ads referral ID (http://giantprofitads.info/index.php?referid=userid).  Set the Target to be New Window
  10. Either customize with your name and photo, or delete them.
  11. Close the FullScreen window
  12. Click Save

Retrieve the page URL

  1. Click the page view (not Edit Page), which will open in a new tab
  2. Capture the URL in the address bar in your browser and save it – THIS will be the TARGET URL (or a cloaked version of it) that  you promote.

Optional – Save a Screen Image

  1. While the page is being displayed in the previous step, use the Windows Snipping Tool (or other screen shot utility) to capture and save the image to a JPG file.
  2. From My Capture Pages, click Edit Page
  3. Click Settings
  4. Click Upload Thumbnail then select the file you just saved.
  5. It will automatically save and close that window